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Welcome to Bclever Mail. Email marketing has been one of the most effective ways to grow your tech business this year, and we don’t think that will change in 2021.!

Email Marketing – Does It Still Deliver?

We have been seeing a little doubt creeping into the minds of some marketers – whether or not email marketing still delivers.

Have you been wondering this too?

Well, we have 3.7 billion email users in the world today. By 2022, this is expected to grow to 4.3 billion.

That’s a lot of users!91% check their email daily74% prefer emails for communication.

So, the opportunity to grow your business’s revenue via email marketing is still big.

What you need to do is, develop a solid strategy. The aim here is to deliver value, treat every customer uniquely, have a real conversation instead of sending out some salesy messages all the time.

I agree, messenger marketing is delivering a lot better results these days but I believe that it is because messenger marketing is still in its early days. The consumers haven’t really figured out that businesses are using Facebook messenger as a marketing channel. Once the secret will be open, the open rate would come down significantly.

In my opinion, most small businesses don’t use email marketing properly. They mostly Create a sale event, put some images together and construct an emailSend out the email randomly to every subscribers they have

That practice screams out two facts:

– No sense of relationship building.

– No interest in delivering value using email as the channel.

The subscribers are usually taken for granted. Of course, the open rate would tank – it’s only norming.

The bottom line is, email marketing still delivers a considerable amount of revenue if done right. So target your audience carefully and prepare your email content in a crafty manner in order to grab attention and to display a sense of relationship building. 

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